The Time Guardians (2022) Official Trailer

The Time Guardians (2022) Official Trailer Watch in HD with TrailerYT.Com, The Time Guardians (2022) Official Trailer


Cast :
Kseniya Alekseyeva, Pavel Trubiner, Marina Kazankova, Lyubov Tolkalina, Artem Tkachenko

Plot :
An exiting phantasmagorical mystic tale set in classical St. Petersburg. A girl Ksyusha is adopted into a family of a writer and an artist. She finally got fortunate. But having been in a car accident, the girl finds herself in the Dark City, where along with her magical assistant Paramon, she must overcome evil witchcraft and rewind the city clock to stop the Witch and her black army from taking over the city. Will the girl succeed in finding the Time Keyand rewind the clock? Will happiness return to her new family?

The Time Guardians (2022) Official Trailer Info:

Trailer Views: 2129
Trailer Date: 2021-12-04 00:24:00
Trailer Duration: 00:02:31
Trailer Author: Movie Trailer
Trailer Like: 8
Trailer Hashtags: #Time #Guardians #Official #Trailer

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