SPIDER-MAN: PANOPTICON (2022) – Official Trailer

SPIDER-MAN: PANOPTICON (2022) – Official Trailer Watch in HD with TrailerYT.Com, SPIDER-MAN: PANOPTICON is a non-profit FANFILM created by Arthur Rotta, Luís Carlos and Alec Braga, three filmmakers and comic book fans who understand that Spider-Man is an inspiring character and, because of this, many impactful stories can be built through that context.

SINOPSIS: Spider-Man is found in a depressed state, with no wish to carry on. He must decide whether or not he shall keep sacrificing himself to help the others or end it once and for all.

We have the dream of becoming filmmakers here in Brazil, transforming the view of people who believe that our country doesn’t have as many talents as in the rest of the world.

Directed by Luís Carlos
Screenplay by Arthur Rotta
Cinematography by Alec Braga
Cast: Arthur Rotta, Luan Herculano, Caique Dias, Bruna Streng, Sérgio Andrade and Denise Braga
Executive Production by Alec Braga and Arthur Rotta
Music by Felipe Lima
Visual Effects by Luiz Duarte

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SPIDER-MAN: PANOPTICON (2022) – Official Trailer Info:

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Trailer Date: 2021-12-20 21:00:11
Trailer Duration: 00:01:56
Trailer Author: Supremospidey
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