Red Cliff (2008) [Chinese]

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It’s A.D. 208 China. Rival states Shu and Wu join hands against their common enemy, the evil and ambitious General Cao Cao of the Wei kingdom, but are seriously outnumbered by his million-strong army. But with the charismatic leadership of Gen. Zhou Yu, the perfect strategy of scholar Zhuge Liang, and the support of emperor Sun Quan, they manage to declare a small victory. While Cao Cao scoffs at this as no big deal, it adds fuel to his fury.

Native Title: 赤壁 (上)

Also Known As: Chi bi

Screenwriter & Director: John Woo

Genres: Action, Historical, War


Movie: Red Cliff

Country: China

Release Date: Jul 10, 2008

Duration: 2 hr. 30 min.

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