Mopol Slaps Suruche’s Girlfriend At Atican Beach Resort Hotel In Lagos

The matter of Suruche, who was accused of a stolen iPhone and the drugging of a young girl last week, that caused a stir on social media as well, doesn’t seem over because this is yet a new allegation in which the hotel he lodged in Lekki is now accusing him of constituting nuisance and still accusing him of the missing iPhone

This footage given to me by Suruche’s management shows how a Mopol security guard beat up Suruche’s new girlfriend who visited him at the Atican beach resort hotel.

The Mopol security officer who was with him in the same case last week saw Suruche and accused him of being the man behind the missing IPhone and of resisting arrest, but Suruche was obliged to warn the Mopol that the case has been over and the DPO has solved the matter .

The girlfriend Suruche had to defend Suruche, in answer to the Mopol officer, saying that the mopol security officer, if he had noticed a missing telephone with Suruche before, so the Mopol would then need to notify the hotel’s Attican Beach Resort manager later when the heat of the argument went up, the Manager had to order the Mopol security to slap her for the fact he claimed they are constituting nonsense in the environment.

Suruche was astonished when the manager ordered the Mopol personnel to take on the lady which he did, and it was such a sad scene for a station officer to attack an innocent lady.

Suruche was able to film it with his telephone, which confirms the attack.

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