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Megaboa (2021)

Megaboa (2021)
Megaboa (2021)

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On a trip to Colombia, a group of college students encounter a sixty-foot boa constrictor, hungry for blood.

No sooner had we reviewed War of the Worlds: Annihilation which was made for Tubi by The Asylum than The Asylum release Megaboa under their own banner. It’s a giant snake film set in South America and any similarities to Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid is purely intentional.

Two hunters chasing stock footage of a javelina get distracted by much larger prey. Much like the two rednecks in Ukraine.

Who thought they could take a kaiju down with muskets, they think a crossbow will drop a fifty-foot boa. Needless to say, both groups meet the same fate.

Meanwhile, Dr. Malone (Eric Roberts, ) and a group of his students, including Jason (Jadon Cal, Last of the Grads, Mind Games).

Allison (Michelle Elizabeth O’Shea, Destruction Los Angeles, Godforsaken) and Grace (Emilia Torello, Mr. Mercedes) have arrived on an island to look for petroglyphs.

Instead, they find Joaquin (Joe Herrera, Inheritance, Let There be Light) one of the hunters we saw earlier. It seems he survived his encounter with the megaboa. But that seemingly ancient shipwreck we saw, that was his boat before something destroyed it.

Writer Alex Heerman (Airliner Sky Battle) and director Mario N.

Bonassin (Alien Conquest) follow the standard Asylum template and give us a quick look at the creature before settling in and delivering lots of talk. In this case, it’s accompanied by a spider bite.

It doesn’t turn Dr. Malone into a superhero but it does give a reason for him to be absent from Megaboa while the others go get the Death Note Orchid that provides the only antidote to the arachnid’s venom.





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