Manchester United are set to offer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a new three year contract.

Manchester United are set to offer Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a new three year contract. (Source: Telegraph)

The right man to take the club forward irrespective of what hypocrite “fans” say

Dare the same set to  celebrate a single victory henceforth.

 Jurgen Klopp fail in his 2 final,  1 in uel, 1 in ucl. People start calling him specialized in failure. After Madrid, he managed to win Champions League, a year later a premier league.

Hell naaa this glazers they are business people using this man doing business,

because he doesn’t demand a lot because he loves Man u and Glazer’s they don’t want to spend a lot money to Coach and player’s

As long as the team is relatively successful and generating revenue they don’t care about winning things!

Would any other elite club in the world offer a manager who has not won a single thing in 3 years to sign an extension? Not a chance.

Standards have fallen disgustingly low and we will continue to suffer until the current decision makers are replaced with competent men

Fine margins as Ole rightly mentioned in the post match interview. It’s been a season of progression nonetheless. 

Ole is clear on the personnel he wants. The board must deliver and then only can we see whether this season was a true representation or an anomaly

In a world where the norm is to sack any coach that”underachieves”,

it is a breath of fresh air to see a coach rewarded for his continuous improvement of this squad.

Bringing in a few key players while developing the academy products is how it should be.

He did a decent job this season without meeting his priorities in transfer market.

Had a good domestic season in recent years especially away from home.

Give him what he ask this window and let’s see how the season goes.

He needs to start winning titles next season. No excuse

He deserves the chance and also to be backed properly with the players he wants/need.

Absolutey Ole has reformed the team and is determined to see it through.

I have faith that United have the first correct manager since SAF 🙌


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