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I Will Marry the Prince (2021) Part 5

I Will Marry the Prince (2021) Part 5
I Will Marry the Prince (2021) Part 5

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There is a saying that what we always want in life sometimes, is not what we get no matter how hard we try.

And another saying that where we are meant to be is where we will be no matter the obstacles and circumstances.

They were all selected for the bride’s contest; the good, the bad, the sexy, the mad and even the ugly.

Now it is all chaos at the palace as each fights to be chosen. watch as events unfold.

STARRING: Onny Michael, Uju Okoli, Georgina Ibe, Sammy Lee, Lizzy Gold, Philldella Yue, Augustine Iloh, Jojo Yovwe, Mary Uche, Peace John, Elaweremi P Elaweremi.

PRODUCED BY: Rob Emeka Eze

DIRECTED BY: Augustine Iloh

COMPANY: Reemmy Jes Production.

YEAR: 2021.




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