“I just see four good footballers.” – Gareth Southgate explains

Gareth Southgate explains the inclusion of four right backs in his provisional England #Euro2020 squad…

I can only assume it’s due to the lack of other options he brings?

Yes he can play a great defensive RB for sure.

But he can’t play on the left like Trippier, he can’t pass like Trent and hasn’t played in a back 3 like James.

Walker… Just picks himself at this point.

Trent and Deece both will get injury during the 2nd game of UK and South-western Gate will get in to replace them. Why refuse to select AWB? Because he is not mixe ? He is pire Black? Useless coach

Which is why Southgate ought to have introduced him into the squad at earliest opportunity to get him used to the formation. 

He’s on the plane for me all day. 

England are going to need this more than they know in the Euros.

He played his whole way through the academy and youths at midfield,he is a midfielder, he  literally changed to RB when he got near the first team.


And has played there once against professional players.

Wan-Bissaka was a winger at youth level and look at his attacking now. Means nothing where he played at youth.

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