Gareth Bale is considering RETIRING after the EUROs

Gareth Bale is considering RETIRING after the EUROs.

He reportedly would like to agree an early termination of his contract at Real Madrid,

getting a cut of his remaining salary and then calling quits on his career at 31-years old. 

(Source: @abc_deportes)

Gareth Bale has averaged a goal/assist every 87 minutes for Tottenham this season.

Insane numbers for someone who is finished. Would be a huge loss to the game if he retires at 31.

You’re Gareth Bale. You’ve pretty much won it all, you’ve earned a boat load of money and are quite injury prone.

Players should absolutely do what they feel is right, but it just strikes me as unbelievable that wages have reached a point where players, that are in a position that millions would give their arms and legs for, decide to quit the sport because they have too much money.

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On behalf of all Manchester United fans that know football, we are pleading with you, to kindly come to  Manchester United, and mentor average footballers like Rashford, Martial & Daniel James.

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