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The Kings Affection (Episode 16 Added)
The Kings Affection (Episode 16 Added)

The Crown Prince’s wife gave birth to twins, but twins were considered an ominous sign.

The twin daughter was supposed to be killed, but her mother begged to save her life. Secretly, the twin daughter is sent out of the palace.

A few years later, the twin son Lee Hwi dies due to a disease.

The Crown Prince’s wife hides her twin son’s death and brings her twin daughter back to the palace and raises her as Prince Lee Hwi (Park Eun-Bin).

Lee Hwi eventually becomes a crown prince, but she is afraid her real identity will be revealed. Because of her secret, Lee Hwi is unable to have anyone close to her.

She hides her emotions from others and she makes biting remarks.

Jung Ji-Woon (Ro Woon) is Lee Hwi’s teacher.

Jung Ji-Woon comes from a noble family. He is handsome, smart and an optimist who enjoys life.

Crown Prince Lee Hwi develops feeling for Jung Ji-Woon.




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