Andrea Pirlo is to be sacked by Juventus in the next hours

Andrea Pirlo is to be sacked by Juventus in the next hours with Massimiliano Allegri returning to replace him, reports @SkySport.

Allegri and Juve have a trophy-filled history 🏆

I guess that’s why he leagues highest goalscorer with 29 goals at the age of 36 yep definitely finished spot on mate 👏

Honestly if anyone’s to blame it’s the Juventus board for bringing Pirlo in the first place.

He had little experience coaching the A team and they expected him to pull a Zidane which not every coach can do that.

Zidane for man

Management, fans and the world can see that @ManUtd need to fish out their problems and take action by corrections.

Management and players have tried, but we need all hands fully on deck. @ManUtd need a new man, and zidane is the key.

Zidane for man u


The manager doesn’t understand the business he only sees football ahead of revenue while the club sees revenue as top priority

It was a question to ask why did they let go Allg at the first stage and allow Pirlo who is completely inexperienced coach and sack and bring back Allg!

Sometimes it is too silly the way big clubs take decisions. May I know what was the strategic to bring Pirlo in 2020?

Talking about ambitious teams. One bad season in the league with a Champions League qualification and a trophy in their name but still fires a coach.

While us we’re stuck with the Norwegian Plumber, simply because he finished 2nd and never lost away in the league

He is just starting his manager career and you can’t take a big club who have such a big legacy as juventus it was too much weight for him for the first time ,

I think he performed really well as an unexperienced manager but juve have a big legacy to continue so its ok


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